Mission-Focused Technology Solutions

Move forward with mission and technology in perfect harmony.

LMN Solutions

A Quick Look

LMN has an excellent reputation for providing expert Lean and Agile software development, systems engineering, product integration, enterprise architecture and analytic services. We have expertise in the domains of geospatial systems, information retrieval, web development, mobile applications, and cybersecurity, as well as in specialized mission domains.

LMN has partnerships with leading technology providers, such as Google, Microsoft, Boundless, and Palantir, as well as expertise in open technology such as GeoServer, Linux, Hadoop, Lucene/Solr, and Ruby on Rails that allow us to collaboratively create innovative solutions with the right technology, the right people, and the right process.

For more information, contact us at services@lmnsolutions.com.


On December 19, 2012, LMN Solutions completed a strategic merger with National Security Partners. The integration of two powerful companies focused on software development, data science, and cyber-analytic solutions will provide the U.S. Intelligence Community with an even stronger partner for combating our most aggressive national security threats. We are delighted to enhance our customer missions through a careful understanding of strategic policies and initiatives that will focus our delivery capabilities on comprehensive solutions. Our success is measured by the advancement and protection of our national assets and preservation of freedoms. Join us in celebrating this unique partnership by visiting us at: National Security Partners.

Fundamental Elements

LMN Solutions is transforming the delivery of technical and analytic services to our customers by bringing the best people, processes, and technology to bear on critical problems. We unleash the creativity of our clients and our team to achieve excellence. We commit to:

  • Collaborate with the customer to pragmatically achieve their mission
  • Consistently exceed expectations in personnel and service quality to create excellent products
  • Provide efficient innovation and continuous improvement- push the right ideas forward
  • Make the workplace great, and be a great place to work